I was listening to the I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast by Ramit Sethi recently and while he was coaching one of his guest couples, he made an observation that has remained with me since the day I heard that episode. The woman was describing her experience with perfectionism, a trait I have […]

Shannon’s Word of the Year | 2022

Shannon is standing in a brightly lit dining room. She is wearing a flattering cream dress with black stripes that run at opposing angles. Shannon is holding a white plate of croissants under a glass dome and she is posed near the dining table. The table is decorated with a woven, rectangular serving tray at the center of the table. The tray is holding a white potted plant and mustard-colored cloth napkins that are neatly folded. The room is bright and airy.

Don’t get us wrong; we love writing specific goals for The Busy Bee every January. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, we sat down together and hashed out some pretty big goals for this year. We wrote specific milestones we hope to achieve. We put together a plan for the next 12 months, gently […]

The Busy Bee’s Word of the Year | 2022

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