It’s challenging to find the time and energy to focus on our own well-being given the other commitments we have to family, friends, work, and home–we get it. However, incorporating a wellness routine into our daily rhythms can help us find balance, improve our overall health, and increase our happiness. We’ve come to learn that […]

Our Routines: Wellness

Holiday gift guide season is upon us! As we decorate our homes, cook family recipes, and rush around town for end-of-year events, we find ourselves filled with gratitude. Gratitude for our friends and families that keep this season so busy and gratitude for homes in which we’re creating memories. A natural extension of that gratitude, […]

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We feel compelled to pull back the curtain a bit as to how we decide the title of our blog posts. First, we start out with a concept; this post, for example, we knew we wanted to be about having a balanced, fulfilled weekend. Once we know the topic, we take a look at a […]

How to Be Happier: Do These 3 Things to Boost Your Mood This Weekend

Looking back, I remember being a child who lived life as though it were a story. I remember writing the pages in my thoughts, exploring each new adventure internally, while maneuvering the typical day-to-day mundane tasks on the outside. My soul longed for depth, emotion and a creative narrative. A few months back, as Nick […]

Jenna’s Word of the Year | 2022

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