You may have seen us on Instagram this week decorating for Christmas (We are so excited to share APIARY’s holiday decor with you shortly!), but in our real, every-day lives we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. We know. This feels early; it isn’t even Halloween yet! But preparation and advance planning for hosting big holidays like […]

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

If you could dream up the perfect Thanksgiving, what would it look like? Would there be an abundance of warm and delicious food? What do you imagine your dining space to look like? Are family and friends filling your home, creating cherished memories? However you just imagined your Thanksgiving, it sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But, […]

3 Thanksgiving Essentials Every Hostess Needs

As the endless Summer slowly fades into Fall here in the Sunshine state, we are especially ready for the change of seasons this year. While we don’t get much of a Fall outdoors (our leaves do not transform from shades of green to vibrant autumnal colors and the temperature remains noticeably hot), we are celebrating […]

How to Set an Intimate Fall Tablescape

Light wood dining table with white metal chairs set with Fall decor for an intimate Fall tablescape

It’s no secret around here the love we both share for planning events and hosting company. When we were little girls (and even to this day) we were always so eager to set our grandmothers’ tables and serve the guests that sat around them. It was a pretty common occurrence for us to play what […]

Friendsgiving Tablescape 2018

bright dining room with dining table set for fall in front of large prada sign and gold chandelier

It’s the season of giving thanks, and today we have a special treat just for you! If you’ve been following along with our recent posts, then you know we’ve been on a Friendsgiving kick these past few weeks. While we were planning out our Friendsgiving menu, décor and attire, we thought how fun it would […]

Friendsgiving 2018 Giveaway Bundle

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