The weather is getting cooler and pumpkin patches are popping up on every corner–there’s no denying that fall is here! This week, Shannon is giving us a tour of her home to show how she’s welcomed the season. From warm textures to moody colors, you’ll see how timeless decor choices can keep you enjoying the […]

Fall Home Tour: Shannon’s Home

Fall has officially started and we’ve begun to transform our homes to reflect the season. Today, we’re covering Shannon’s fall tablescape: a full, classic centerpiece that allows for everyday family life to happen around it. Whether the table is used to hold packages and mail, Max’s latest art project, or dinner for the family, this […]

Shannon’s Fall Tablescape

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate the freedom our country has given us, which includes the ability to gather with loved ones and celebrate our time spent together. It’s a time to soak up the slow days of summer, enjoy laughter and conversation with the people who matter most, and share family […]

The Easiest Way to Create a 4th of July Dinner Party Without Buying Holiday Decor

By Stephanie Commisso of Bluum Maison and BLUUMBLVD. When it comes to entertaining, the table is the centerpiece around which everything else revolves. When it comes to setting a beautiful table there are a few guidelines that are helpful to know; but the beauty of it is to know those guidelines and mix and match […]

We Asked the Professionals: 3 Secrets on How to Style Your Table at Home

What’s in a color?  Well, as it turns out, a lot. Color has a powerful impact on our emotions and can influence our overall perception of a space. It has the ability to lift our moods or create a sense of calm. And, we’re guessing that if you look around your own home, you might […]

4 Simple (+ Unexpected) Ways to Add Color to Your Tablescape

simple ways to add color to your tablescape

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