Ever wonder what to do with your dining room table in between gatherings with loved ones? While we’ve shared plenty of tablescape designs and our tried-and-true Tablescape Recipe (see Part 1 and Part 2!), we know that these looks aren’t necessarily for the everyday. And, we don’t think it comes as a big surprise that […]

How to Style Your Dining Room Table for Everyday Living: 3 Easy Looks

Don’t let unintentional shelf decor contribute to an uninspired mind. While often overlooked, shelf decor happens to be just as important as other surfaces when it comes to the ambiance of a home. Afterall, shelves are often where the eyes fall first as we enter a room; so, the goal is to style our shelves […]

6 Easy Styling Tips for Intentional & Sophisticated Shelf Decor

When styling your home, one of the best choices you can make is to add warmth to a space. Incorporating soft, inviting textures instantly makes a room feel more welcoming and relaxing. And, while we share about tablescape designs most of the time, adding a warm element to any room in your house is always […]

9 Surprising Ways to Style a Throw Blanket

Want to style a stunning dinner party, but feel like a designer-level aesthetic is outside of your talents? One thing we’ve realized after years as tablescape design experts is that an elevated look for a dinner party is within everyone’s reach, even if you have absolutely no design experience! Just like with our Centerpiece and […]

5 Dinner Party Styling Tips When You Aren’t a Designer

Sophisticated Labor Day tablescape set with floral centerpieces and Labor Day recipes

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