Whether you’re looking for a quiet moment to yourself or opening up your door to a crowd, this lavender lemonade recipe is the ideal beverage for kicking back and relaxing. Though lemonade is known for being a casual drink, the infused lavender addition creates a deeper flavor profile while also elevating your experience. So, be […]

Spring Recipes: Infused Lavender Lemonade

After a cold winter, we often look to nature to inspire us as we enter into spring. This frequently translates into incorporating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits into our meals and finding the colors of nature on our tables. This spring, prepare this hearty and crunchy fresh Cabbage & Cucumber Salad for a quick […]

Spring Recipes: Easy Cabbage & Cucumber Salad

As we designed this tablescape, along with complementary spring dining room decor, it eventually became clear that there was a common theme running through several components: a circular shape. Circles represent a sense of unity, a feeling of togetherness. This simple shape also symbolizes timelessness, indicating the cyclical nature of life. We couldn’t help but […]

A Season of Unity: Easy Spring Dining Room Decor

As we ease into this new season, have you noticed the ease back into familiar rhythms we were once accustomed to prior to last Spring? Many of our common routines were put on pause this past year, including spending quality time with family and friends. Annual celebrations were postponed and regular gatherings became a thing […]

What We Focus on Grows: A Spring Tablescape Designed for Savoring Time Together

There’s a misconception with the word healthy. Most believe the word healthy also means difficult and/or time consuming and opt out of choosing healthy recipes for unhealthy quick and easy ones. If you’ve been tuning into our Midmorning Buzz Episodes, you may have heard us mention how we’re working on our mindset and our wellness […]

Salmon Burgers with Cabbage Slaw

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