As we designed this tablescape, along with complementary spring dining room decor, it eventually became clear that there was a common theme running through several components: a circular shape. Circles represent a sense of unity, a feeling of togetherness. This simple shape also symbolizes timelessness, indicating the cyclical nature of life. We couldn’t help but […]

A Season of Unity: Easy Spring Dining Room Decor

Sweet Summer Soiree: The gentle graze of warmth on your face, laughter being carried by the wind echoing in your ear and the slow-paced schedule to renew, reconnect and reflect become the invitation to embrace and cultivate all that has been planted in prior seasons by being in the moment. This summer feels different. Because […]

The Mindset Shift You Need in Your Life (+ the Summer Soiree of Your Dreams!)

In just five days we’ll be saying goodbye to another Fall season and welcoming all that Winter has to offer. It’s hard to believe this year has come and gone, but we are eager to experience what this new season will entail. As we leave a transformational period behind and head into the next, we […]

The Simplest Winter Tablescape You Will Ever Set

As the endless Summer slowly fades into Fall here in the Sunshine state, we are especially ready for the change of seasons this year. While we don’t get much of a Fall outdoors (our leaves do not transform from shades of green to vibrant autumnal colors and the temperature remains noticeably hot), we are celebrating […]

How to Set an Intimate Fall Tablescape

Light wood dining table with white metal chairs set with Fall decor for an intimate Fall tablescape

If you love hosting and entertaining as much as we do, you’d agree it’s hard to fight the urge to buy all the new and improved housewares that grace the shelves with each new season change. While we have the desire to buy a new item for every dinner party we host, we’re remind ourselves […]

Everyday Glassware for Any Occasion

woman and man holding vintage wine glasses

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