After a cold winter, we often look to nature to inspire us as we enter into spring. This frequently translates into incorporating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits into our meals and finding the colors of nature on our tables. This spring, prepare this hearty and crunchy fresh Cabbage & Cucumber Salad for a quick […]

Spring Recipes: Easy Cabbage & Cucumber Salad

After the unexpected slowness of 2020 and the continued uncertainty of 2021, we’ve all had time to reflect on our lives and what gives us purpose. While busyness and a go-go-go lifestyle were often how a purposeful and intentional life was measured in the past, the last two years has made us realize that what […]

Begin 2022 Together: Healthy Recipes & Printable Conversation Starters

We’re serving a Halfway Homemade Menu for Friendsgiving this year, and Hearts of Romaine Harvest Salad is the easiest fall salad to compliment a hearty meal. Not to mention, it displays beautifully to add to your overall table design. Hearts of Romaine Harvest Salad The Secret to Serving this Salad The secret to serving this […]

Hearts of Romaine Harvest Salad

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