We’re always on the lookout for cleaner, healthier alternatives in our lives: from the things we use, to the things we make, and the things we eat. For this edition of Clean Swaps, we took a look at everything relating to hosting guests: from eco-friendly and cozy ways to keep your home clean, to staying […]

Busy Bee Clean Swaps: Guest Edition

“Don’t sit on the bed, I just made it,” “Pick up your shoes, I told you three times already,” “I literally JUST cleaned this room, get out of here,” “Don’t touch a single thing!” Have you said these phrases before as you prepared to welcome guests in your home? We’ve all been there. Frantically running […]

10 Entertaining Essentials to Hack Hosting Overwhelm

“Hey, are you busy tonight? We’d love to come over!” Have you received a text from a friend or family member asking this same question? Did you find yourself looking around wondering if you’re actually prepared for a last-minute gathering? Over the years, we’ve learned simple tricks and instilled habits to keep our home ready […]

How to Chill Wine Quickly: The Paper Towel Trick

how to chill wine quickly

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