2023 will be here before we know it and this is the time of year we tend to get extra-reflective. Our memories from the past year inevitably lead to us thinking of the year to come and setting our own goals. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that a well-thought-out plan and prep work […]

Goal Setting

Looking back, I remember being a child who lived life as though it were a story. I remember writing the pages in my thoughts, exploring each new adventure internally, while maneuvering the typical day-to-day mundane tasks on the outside. My soul longed for depth, emotion and a creative narrative. A few months back, as Nick […]

Jenna’s Word of the Year | 2022

After the unexpected slowness of 2020 and the continued uncertainty of 2021, we’ve all had time to reflect on our lives and what gives us purpose. While busyness and a go-go-go lifestyle were often how a purposeful and intentional life was measured in the past, the last two years has made us realize that what […]

Begin 2022 Together: Healthy Recipes & Printable Conversation Starters

There’s nothing we love more than going to Target a few days after Christmas to refresh our homes, and we’re excited to announce Target has release their 2021 Hearth and Hand Collection! This collection consists of a neutral palette, different wood tones, and pieces that’ll not only refresh your space but your mind as well. […]

2021 Hearth and Hand Collection – Let’s Refresh

2021 Hearth and Hand Collection

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