I’m not sure what took me so long, but finally taking the time to create a thoughtful design for one of my own living spaces has been giving me life! (If you’re just joining me on this journey, I am currently redesigning my dining room.) Unlike designing for one of our clients, I haphazardly purchased […]

Shannon’s Dining Room Design Board

We can remember it like it was yesterday. The year was 2013 and we were seated at Mimi’s dining room table with an open laptop and a stack of copy paper and a pencil. We were eagerly chatting about the future and excitedly jotting down our thoughts about the brand we wanted to create. We […]

Introducing Apiary – The Brand

It’s one of our favorite days of the week around here, because today is Mood Board Monday! This week is our second installment of our latest mood board series, and we’re so excited to bring you all the romantic hues! Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so we were totally inspired by soft […]

Mood Board Monday Vol. 2

blue bone and white mood board collage

While we were planning weddings, there’s no doubt creating mood boards was one of our favorite design related tasks. There was nothing better than seeing the way our clients’ faces lit up when we presented them with our carefully curated proposals. So, almost a year ago, we started a series to help guide you in […]

Mood Board Monday Vol. 1

mood board monday volume one inspiration board terra cotta olive green and black

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