We feel compelled to pull back the curtain a bit as to how we decide the title of our blog posts. First, we start out with a concept; this post, for example, we knew we wanted to be about having a balanced, fulfilled weekend. Once we know the topic, we take a look at a […]

How to Be Happier: Do These 3 Things to Boost Your Mood This Weekend

Saying “no” gets a bad reputation – one that’s completely unwarranted in our opinion. It’s associated with negativity, selfishness, and a lack of spontaneity. And no one wants to have these qualities assigned to them, and therefore, we end up saying yes. To a whole lot. This overwhelms us, stresses us out, and leaves little […]

What We’re Saying No to This Season

We all love each other. Of course, we do. I know that. They know that. But when I lay my head down on my pillow at night, sometimes I question if I asked enough about my husband’s and kids’ days, said enough I-love-yous and gave enough hugs. Did I look at each person in the […]

How to Become a Happier Family: The One Small Change We Made

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