The question of “what’s for dinner?” can feel like such a chore day in and day out, so I’ve started sharing our own real-life weekly menu filled with simple, weeknight dinner ideas in this regular series. This week’s menu is especially kid-friendly because Bobby and his dad traveled to Bolivia to visit family while Max […]

The Busy Bee Weekly Menu: May 6

I had this idea to start sharing what our family is eating during the week in hopes it will help you come up with the answer to “what’s for dinner?” because it can feel like such a chore. Now this is a regular series! Below is the full list of what we ate (no, I […]

The Busy Bee Weekly Menu: March 5

Have you ever cooked an elaborate dinner for your guests only to realize you never had the chance to enjoy a single bite? Maybe you found yourself preparing last minute details? Did you find yourself refilling glasses? Or maybe you pent majority of your time finishing up cooking in the kitchen while your guests enjoyed […]

Italian Flatbread Pizza

What takes only five minutes to prepare and is sure to solve the age-old question – “what’s for dinner”? These easy weeknight recipes that are also perfect for serving dinner guests when time is limited! Planning weeknight dinners is a task within itself, but when you’re expecting company during the week and your plate is […]

Easy Weeknight Recipes Perfect for Dinner Guests

Easy Weeknight Recipes Perfect for Dinner Guests - THE BUSY BEE

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