School has started and life has never been busier. As we find ourselves driving between practices, social commitments, errands, and work we realized we were craving nourishing, easy meals for our busy families. Recipes that we know would work time and time again (even when we’re exhausted!). Ones that would feed a busy family. Recipes […]

Easy Meals for a Busy Family

A classic comfort food, chicken soup is associated with caring for yourself and others. For spring, we gave this meal a zesty infusion of tangy lemon and made it even quicker to prepare by making it halfway homemade. Looking for an ideal warm dish to serve this season? Look no further; we’ve got you covered […]

Spring Recipes: Halfway Homemade Lemon Chicken Soup

Our Nana is known for her homemade Italian dinners, but something we don’t talk about enough are the lunches she serves when we come to visit. To her, they probably seem commonplace, however to us, they’re anything but. Whether she’s serving cold cut sandwiches or a homemade dish, lunch is always a full spread. Our favorite part […]

Nana’s Chicken Salad Recipe

A goal of ours this year is to be more intentional about the way we spend quality time with our immediate families. We value connection with those who live outside the four walls of our homes but when we dig deep into the greater purpose of hosting others, we find it begins at home and […]

Pesto Chicken & Waffle Melt

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