As soon as the first leaves fall we’re looking forward to snug nights in, scary movies, and making memories in our home. We’re all about the cozy vibes and creating a welcoming atmosphere for us to enjoy our home and time together. This week, Jenna is giving us a tour of her home to show […]

Fall Home Tour: Jenna’s Home

When we talk about hosting, we often imagine a full tablescape and menu set on our dining room tables. Yet, growing up (and even to this day), many of our meals shared with others happened around a different table: the coffee table. We always say that Mimi is the Queen of Coffee Table Entertaining, and […]

Living Room Entertaining: How to Host From Your Coffee Table

When styling your home, one of the best choices you can make is to add warmth to a space. Incorporating soft, inviting textures instantly makes a room feel more welcoming and relaxing. And, while we share about tablescape designs most of the time, adding a warm element to any room in your house is always […]

9 Surprising Ways to Style a Throw Blanket

“Don’t sit on the bed, I just made it,” “Pick up your shoes, I told you three times already,” “I literally JUST cleaned this room, get out of here,” “Don’t touch a single thing!” Have you said these phrases before as you prepared to welcome guests in your home? We’ve all been there. Frantically running […]

10 Entertaining Essentials to Hack Hosting Overwhelm

Target just launched their 2020 Threshold and Studio McGee Christmas finds, and we’re so excited to give you the first sneak peek into their new line! From traditional plaids to antique brass, we’re trying come up with every excuse to decorate early this year. Everything is just THAT good. We heard from so many of […]

2020 Threshold & Studio McGee Christmas Finds at Target

2020 Threshold and Studio McGee Christmas Finds

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