The weather is getting cooler and pumpkin patches are popping up on every corner–there’s no denying that fall is here! This week, Shannon is giving us a tour of her home to show how she’s welcomed the season. From warm textures to moody colors, you’ll see how timeless decor choices can keep you enjoying the […]

Fall Home Tour: Shannon’s Home

When we find ourselves nostalgic for times past, a certain comfort comes to us as we reminisce on simple times spent in the homes that defined our childhood. After-school afternoons at Mimi’s. School breaks spent at Nana’s. These are the places and memories we cherish, holding them tight to our hearts, as we craft new […]

8 Vintage-Inspired APIARY Pieces That Weave Together the Past and Present

warm winter recipes; grilled kiwi with coconut whipped cream on dark background

Made to be Shared: Warm Winter Recipes + Must-Have Kitchenware

Growing up, we always used to marvel at Mimi and Nana’s ability to be so present when they were hosting in their homes. Despite dinner finishing up on the stove and a house full of loved ones, they always seemed at ease. Their spaces seemed so tidy and organized. Even the kitchen, the space where […]

4 #HostfulHacks That Keep Your Kitchen Clean as You Prep Dinner

Healthier. What comes to mind when you think of this word? Most of the time, healthier is associated with the foods we choose to eat. When we’re trying to be health-conscious, we clear out the processed foods and fill our kitchens with fruits and vegetables. And while the food we eat and serve to our […]

Create Healthier Kitchens With These Easy Tips (+ We’re Not Talking Food)

Caraway Home cookware set in Marigold; healthier kitchens

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