When you declutter your home, you allow yourself a fresh start, clearing out items that are no longer serving you so that your home can reflect the season you’re in. However, after decluttering, you might find yourself with a lot of stuff with no home, and now those items are starting to pile up in […]

Easy Ways to Sell, Donate and Store Items After You Declutter Your Home

By Stephanie Commisso of Bluum Maison and BLUUMBLVD. When it comes to entertaining, the table is the centerpiece around which everything else revolves. When it comes to setting a beautiful table there are a few guidelines that are helpful to know; but the beauty of it is to know those guidelines and mix and match […]

We Asked the Professionals: 3 Secrets on How to Style Your Table at Home

We’ve all been there; Overwhelmed, tired, and wondering where the pile of dishes came from and why we decided to host dinner in the first place. Hosting guests for dinner can leave us feeling one of two emotions: full or defeated. It’s up to us to decide how we want to approach hosting and entertaining […]

Run the Dishwasher

woman opening whirlpool dishwasher

It’s no secret around here, we love to celebrate, and we love to plan intricate parties to accompany those celebrations. We attribute much of our shared passion for party planning to our grandmothers who never missed a special occasion or an opportunity to honor a loved one. We can remember countless get-togethers at Mimi’s and […]

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Quarantine

gift shop display of paper party goods

Every year, our (Jenna’s) neighborhood hosts a Progressive Dinner Party for Christmas. We begin with appetizers, cocktails, and secret Santa gifts at one home, transition into a dinner menu at the next house, and end the evening with desserts at the final home. We love this tradition because we not only get to spend quality […]

How Lighting Can Enhance the Ambiance of a Room

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