As humans, we’re in a constant state of evolution, becoming varying versions of ourselves to meet the moment. Certain times in our lives call for different pieces of ourselves to come forward and be seen. While our core identity might stay constant through each life phase, rarely do our preferences. Colors that once spoke to […]

5 Myths About Updating Your Home Decor Style

When Bobby and I bought our house nearly eight years ago, we were over the moon to have a space that was officially our own. We had some decision-making power as it was built, such as flooring and countertop options, but the overall layout was less flexible. While we ended up loving our home (and […]

4 Easy Steps to a Defined Informal Dining Room

The holidays are over and the new year is here. How are we going to prepare ourselves for the year ahead? We encourage you to take time this winter to create a space in your home for rest and reflection. With our lives often feeling like a whirlwind, having a space that is meant for […]

Create a Space for Rest & Reflection With 3 Easy Home Decor Pairings

As I sit here preparing to share my dining room reveal, I can’t help but feel like it’s been a long time coming because, well, it has. I began the journey of my dining room redesign back in February but getting it to this point has been a journey since the day we moved in […]

Shannon’s Transitional Dining Room Design

Last year was the first year I completed a room all at once. For so long, I bought into the lie that a yellow Target sticker meant I needed to own it which ultimate left me with a collection of mismatched home decor that left me feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. When we purchased our home […]

Jenna’s Transitional Dining Room Design Board

Jenna's Transitional Dining Room Design Board

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