When you have a big heart, it’s easy for your holiday shopping list to get a bit longer than intended. Friends, family, teachers, bosses, and many, many more are so deserving of a little treat at the end of another long and taxing year. As one would expect, this can get financially out of hand […]

Meaningful Gifts Under $25 (+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas!)

Tired of the cost of wrapping paper, only to have the paper tossed immediately after the unwrapping? Ever want to find a more sustainable and purposeful way to style gifts for loved ones? Us too. We’ve been intrigued by the idea of more reusable and intentional wrapping ideas – and even ways to toss the […]

How to Wrap a Gift with No Wrapping Paper

Friend, we are so excited to share with you our first-ever Black Friday Sale, which is brimming with heirloom-quality homewares that will enrich the lives of each recipient of each meaningful and stunning gift. With your inbox filling up with Black Friday deals, it might feel like all deals on this annual shopping holiday are […]

Your Curated Black Friday Shopping Guide (+ Sale Details!)

This home has never found a charcuterie board it didn’t like. Gatherings here consist of specialty cheeses, delicious dips and mouth-watering delicatessen offerings. Holiday cocktail hours and memorable moments are made in this house, with hors d’oeuvres being passed around and conversations being had. This is the home of your favorite foodie, and we’ve curated […]

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: The Foodie

Decor that flows and marries seamlessly. A color scheme that offers a welcoming and calming space. Pieces that seem to just “work” and effortlessly bring a room together. Playful jokes are made about how a space here looks like it was designed by a professional. This is the home of the Style Enthusiast. Are you […]

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: The Style Enthusiast

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