The start of every school year is filled with such a contagious sense of hope, new beginnings, and excitement for us and our kids. While we’re always a little sad to see summer fade away, there’s no denying the joyful anticipation of meeting new teachers, making new friends, and–our favorite–new school supplies! It all somehow […]

Packing Healthy Lunches and After School Snacks

After the unexpected slowness of 2020 and the continued uncertainty of 2021, we’ve all had time to reflect on our lives and what gives us purpose. While busyness and a go-go-go lifestyle were often how a purposeful and intentional life was measured in the past, the last two years has made us realize that what […]

Begin 2022 Together: Healthy Recipes & Printable Conversation Starters

There’s a misconception with the word healthy. Most believe the word healthy also means difficult and/or time consuming and opt out of choosing healthy recipes for unhealthy quick and easy ones. If you’ve been tuning into our Midmorning Buzz Episodes, you may have heard us mention how we’re working on our mindset and our wellness […]

Salmon Burgers with Cabbage Slaw

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