Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to honor the incredible dads in our lives. This year, let’s find the perfect gift that matches their unique interests and passions. Whether your dad loves to cook up a storm, tends to his lush lawn, stays fit and active, or is always on the […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Gift Guide Father's Day 2023

In the tapestry of life, milestones serve as exquisite threads that weave together cherished memories and profound moments. These significant markers hold immense value, providing us with an opportunity to reflect, appreciate, and celebrate our journeys. The topic is especially top-of-mind for us in the month of May because it’s filled with reasons for our […]

Celebrating Milestones

Holiday gift guide season is upon us! As we decorate our homes, cook family recipes, and rush around town for end-of-year events, we find ourselves filled with gratitude. Gratitude for our friends and families that keep this season so busy and gratitude for homes in which we’re creating memories. A natural extension of that gratitude, […]

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated from original post with MORE ideas for your dad! Dads have a certain reputation, don’t they? When Father’s Day comes rolling around each year, you start to see gift guides with anything and everything that’s leather, or gadgety, or personalized with favorite sports team logos. You know what we’ve realized this year? These items […]

Don’t Let This Father’s Day Myth Hold You Back From the Perfect Gift

Growing up, a new book and bathing suit were staples in our Easter baskets year in and year out. Now that we have our own families, we carry on this tradition by gifting our own children a book and bathing suit in their baskets, carrying on a cherished part of our childhood to theirs. If […]

Simple Easter Basket Essentials for Kids and Adults

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