I had this idea to start sharing what our family is eating during the week in hopes it will help you come up with the answer to “what’s for dinner?” because it can feel like such a chore. So, below is the full list of what we ate (no, I don’t cook every night) along […]

The Busy Bee Weekly Menu: February 12

In addition to our #BackToTheTable challenges this month, we’re also giving some tips on ways to rethink and rework the time we spend around the table. Today we’re talking about ways to get your family involved with meals. What’s the Back to the Table Challenge? To encourage The Busy Bee community to get creative with […]

Get Your Family Involved with Meals

September is National Family Meals Month, and we couldn’t be more excited! Gathering our families, filling each others’ cups, and prioritizing togetherness over perfection is at the heart of everything we do at The Busy Bee. In honor of National Family Meals Month, we’re sharing fun ideas to do with your family to get #BackToTheTable. […]

Back to the Table Challenge: High/Low Dinner

Jenna's family is gathered for a High/Low dinner

As schedules start to fill up and we feel that familiar holiday rush approaching on the horizon, we’re getting intentional with our time. Intentional with what we’re prioritizing and what means the most to us: family! Keep reading to learn the secrets of these Busy Bees’ intentional family routines. Night Routines Jenna’s routine for her […]

Finding Intentional Family Routines

Shannon and Jenna are visiting on a couch

August is here and our family’s schedules are filling up fast! One of the best ways we’ve found we can maximize those small windows of quality time together is to plan ahead. Mapping out regular decisions—like what’s for dinner—not only eases our daily mental load, but it cuts down time spent in grocery stores, searching […]

Easy Family Meal Prep

Jenna sits with her family at a round table for dinner with her husband and three children.

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