Fall has officially started and we’ve begun to transform our homes to reflect the season. Today, we’re covering Shannon’s fall tablescape: a full, classic centerpiece that allows for everyday family life to happen around it. Whether the table is used to hold packages and mail, Max’s latest art project, or dinner for the family, this […]

Shannon’s Fall Tablescape

In just five days we’ll be saying goodbye to another Fall season and welcoming all that Winter has to offer. It’s hard to believe this year has come and gone, but we are eager to experience what this new season will entail. As we leave a transformational period behind and head into the next, we […]

The Simplest Winter Tablescape You Will Ever Set

As we set our intimate Thanksgiving tablescape, we were reminded of our childhood. We remember our grandparents calling attention to what they thought we were good at. From washing windows to setting the table, they always made a point to compliment us. Now being adults, we’ve come to realize Mimi’s compliments stating we were the […]

How to Set an Intimate Thanksgiving Tablescape

how to set an intimate thanksgiving tablescape

Most times we agree on decorations but by the time Halloween rolls around, we both laugh because our homes look very different decorated. My (Jenna) husband, Nick, loves Halloween over any other holiday. This is the holiday he does not hold back on decorating. At our home you’ll find large pumpkin head statues in our […]

Sophisticated Halloween Tablescape

Sophisticated Halloween Tablescape

As the endless Summer slowly fades into Fall here in the Sunshine state, we are especially ready for the change of seasons this year. While we don’t get much of a Fall outdoors (our leaves do not transform from shades of green to vibrant autumnal colors and the temperature remains noticeably hot), we are celebrating […]

How to Set an Intimate Fall Tablescape

Light wood dining table with white metal chairs set with Fall decor for an intimate Fall tablescape

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