Growing up, many special occasions were celebrated at Mimi’s. Whether it was a birthday party, a major holiday or a significant milestone in between, Mimi made it a priority to get the family together in order to spend time together. And now that we’re older, we can truly understand the significance of those gatherings. The significance of being […]

Mimi’s Egg Salad Recipe

Looking back on our lives, there were countless days spent at our Mimi’s. She was the one we spent our days with when we were home sick from school. She was the one we spent our Wednesdays with for our weekly sleepover. She was the one we celebrated so many special occasions with throughout the […]

Mimi’s Tuna Salad Recipe

While we spent more time with our immediate families this year, we soon realized something we’d been missing for a while. We’ve always been good about planning gatherings with our extended family and friends, but we realized there were too many nights from the past that weren’t spent around the table with those who live […]

Creating Meaningful Moments on International Waffle Day with Home Centric

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