Ever wonder what to do with your dining room table in between gatherings with loved ones? While we’ve shared plenty of tablescape designs and our tried-and-true Tablescape Recipe (see Part 1 and Part 2!), we know that these looks aren’t necessarily for the everyday. And, we don’t think it comes as a big surprise that […]

How to Style Your Dining Room Table for Everyday Living: 3 Easy Looks

As we designed this tablescape, along with complementary spring dining room decor, it eventually became clear that there was a common theme running through several components: a circular shape. Circles represent a sense of unity, a feeling of togetherness. This simple shape also symbolizes timelessness, indicating the cyclical nature of life. We couldn’t help but […]

A Season of Unity: Easy Spring Dining Room Decor

What’s in a color?  Well, as it turns out, a lot. Color has a powerful impact on our emotions and can influence our overall perception of a space. It has the ability to lift our moods or create a sense of calm. And, we’re guessing that if you look around your own home, you might […]

4 Simple (+ Unexpected) Ways to Add Color to Your Tablescape

simple ways to add color to your tablescape

Setting the table is an art form our grandmothers taught us many years ago. While a thoughtfully designed tablescape can look complex, we are here to ensure you how easy it is to accomplish. A visually appealing centerpiece is comprised of beautiful layers created with 5 essential centerpiece ingredients for a truly unique experience you […]

Tablescape Recipe, Part 1: 5 Ingredients for a Stunning Centerpiece Medley

Do you ever find yourself wanting to create an elevated tablescape, but feel like it would require spending a fortune to do so? Maybe you feel like you’ll never own the items necessary to achieve the look and feel you want. Or, maybe you worried that a beautiful tablescape just isn’t attainable or doable and […]

Your go-to Unconventional Tablescape Decor

summer tablescape on dining room table

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