Good food can transport us. There’s something magical about taking that first bite of a beloved summertime treat you once enjoyed as a child. You’re immediately taken back to those carefree days as your grown-up worries melt away with each taste. In typical sister fashion, when we decided to recreate a summer treat in an […]

How to Host a Gourmet S’mores Get-Together in Your Home

gourmet s'mores three ways on outdoor porch

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat at the end of a warm summer day? We certainly do! And since it’s the season of deliciously ripe fruit, this Halfway Homemade Berry Shortcake is truly the go-to dessert of the season. Of course, you’ll notice that the name of this recipe isn’t just “Strawberry Shortcake” because we […]

Halfway Homemade Berry Shortcake

Halfway Homemade Berry Shortcake

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