When we think back on Summers as small children, we often think of fun times spent at Nana’s. Her and Pop would drive up to Orlando to help us celebrate the first day of Summer vacation and then drive us down to their house in South Florida, where we’d spend the coming months eating Nana’s […]

5 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Summer Table Decor

July 4th Centerpiece with white tobacco basket, pale blue pie plate, white dishes and white porcelain pitcher with greenery and American flag

Through the years, we have both been big proponents of reusing gift wrap. This usually entails us saving gift bags and tissue paper from gifts we’ve received and then reusing them for gifts we give. As much as we love reusing items, we often find we are storing more stuff than we have room for. […]

Unconventional Gift Wrapping Ideas with Dual Function

wicker basket filled with tan and white plaid blanket childrens books mini christmas tree and blacka and white heart ornament

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