Growing up, we always used to marvel at Mimi and Nana’s ability to be so present when they were hosting in their homes. Despite dinner finishing up on the stove and a house full of loved ones, they always seemed at ease. Their spaces seemed so tidy and organized. Even the kitchen, the space where […]

4 #HostfulHacks That Keep Your Kitchen Clean as You Prep Dinner

Imagine this. You close the front door quietly after the last guests leave. Your dinner party was a huge success and you were able to catch up with loved ones you haven’t connected with in a while. A smile spreads itself broadly across your face as the night full of belly laughs and deep conversations […]

Cleaning #HostfulHacks: Only Worry About This After Guests Leave

living room refresh, poly and bark couch, ikea besta, modern living room

Invite them in. We say this time and time again. Invite them into your home, your world, your life. When we invite loved ones in, we do life together. We support each other. We embrace each other. Inviting them in is how we reconnect in a world that is more disconnected than ever and live […]

How to Clean Your Home: Best Methods, Hacks + Products

living room refresh, poly and bark couch, ikea besta, modern living room

It’s easy to turn down opportunities for connection with friends and family during busy seasons of our lives. The idea of how much prep time is required to tidy up your home or cook for guests might be overwhelming when you have plenty of obligations looming over you and so many to-dos to get done. […]

Cut Your Hosting Prep Time Down to 10 Minutes

“Don’t sit on the bed, I just made it,” “Pick up your shoes, I told you three times already,” “I literally JUST cleaned this room, get out of here,” “Don’t touch a single thing!” Have you said these phrases before as you prepared to welcome guests in your home? We’ve all been there. Frantically running […]

10 Entertaining Essentials to Hack Hosting Overwhelm

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