Our mom’s side of the family often makes traditional Italian-American recipes, from Nana’s Aglio e Olio to her delicious Mussels with Red Sauce. When our grandmother crafts her Christmas Eve menu, however, she’s not the only one who gets involved! Our Aunt Tricia makes an incredible Shrimp Scampi, and we’re so fortunate to be able […]

Aunt Tricia’s Shrimp Scampi Recipe

Growing up, we spent a lot of time with our grandmothers. Since our Nana lived a few hours away, we spent most of our school and summer breaks with her. We didn’t realize it back then, but every moment we shared with her was leading us down the path to where we are today. The […]

Nana’s Mussels with Red Sauce Recipe

We’re not sure when she started it, but as far back as we can remember, Mimi has been hosting her Annual Women’s Christmas Party. We started attending long before we could afford a gift for her White Elephant Gift Exchange (Mimi always got a gift for each of us on our behalf), or had our […]

Easy Holiday Appetizers

gold rim glass plate full of assorted christmas cookies

We’re just days away from the big day, and we can say, without hesitation, that Christmas just isn’t Christmas until we’ve had Mimi’s Famous Christmas Morning Creamed Eggs. As much as we love this recipe of hers, it’s hard to believe we only eat it once a year, but it’s totally worth it! Disclaimer: This […]

Mimi’s Famous Christmas Morning Creamed Eggs

christmas morning creamed eggs recipe card featuring white bowl of creamed eggs

If it’s not yet obvious, our favorite holiday related meal around here is Christmas brunch at Mimi’s. She always makes her famous Creamed Eggs once a year and we can honestly say, no other brunch compares. But what’s brunch without some bacon?! Every year, Mimi plans for more than enough, but without fail, the plate […]

Peppermint Candied Christmas Bacon

brunette female in black and white bufallo check skirt and ivory top holding white tray of peppermint candied bacon

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