Tired of the cost of wrapping paper, only to have the paper tossed immediately after the unwrapping? Ever want to find a more sustainable and purposeful way to style gifts for loved ones? Us too. We’ve been intrigued by the idea of more reusable and intentional wrapping ideas – and even ways to toss the […]

How to Wrap a Gift with No Wrapping Paper

It’s the home described as “second home” by so many. Relaxed conversations and time well spent feel easy and natural here. An open door and open heart are imprinted on this space. That’s because this is the home of The Entertainer, the person in your life who loves to invite people in and be the […]

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: The Entertainer

Through the years, we have both been big proponents of reusing gift wrap. This usually entails us saving gift bags and tissue paper from gifts we’ve received and then reusing them for gifts we give. As much as we love reusing items, we often find we are storing more stuff than we have room for. […]

Unconventional Gift Wrapping Ideas with Dual Function

wicker basket filled with tan and white plaid blanket childrens books mini christmas tree and blacka and white heart ornament

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