As soon as the first leaves fall we’re looking forward to snug nights in, scary movies, and making memories in our home. We’re all about the cozy vibes and creating a welcoming atmosphere for us to enjoy our home and time together. This week, Jenna is giving us a tour of her home to show […]

Fall Home Tour: Jenna’s Home

Setting the table is an art form our grandmothers taught us many years ago. While a thoughtfully designed tablescape can look complex, we are here to ensure you how easy it is to accomplish. A visually appealing centerpiece is comprised of beautiful layers created with 5 essential centerpiece ingredients for a truly unique experience you […]

Tablescape Recipe, Part 1: 5 Ingredients for a Stunning Centerpiece Medley

One thing we’ve learned as adults is that our lives go through seasons. We might look back six months, a year, or more and suddenly realize that our lives are much different, our personal styles have evolved, and our priorities have shifted. Change can feel unsettling, like we’re entering into the unknown, but we’ve found […]

Welcome Intentional Hosting with Our Spring Tablescape

If you’ve been tuning into our daily Midmorning Buzz episodes, you may have heard us speak about the mindset work we’ve committed ourselves to this past year when it comes to entertaining in our homes. With Easter right around the corner, we’ve been channeling the lessons we’ve learned through our work and the deeper purpose […]

An Easter Tablescape Designed for Connection

Over the many years of wedding planning, we were faced with a dilemma at the end of each wedding: What do we do with all of those beautiful flowers? We’d encourage the guests to take home their favorite centerpiece and shared ideas with our couples how they could re-purpose their wedding flowers into home decorations. […]

Centerpieces as Favors

white tulips in bud vase

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