As adults, sometimes we have to get creative when celebrating mom. We don’t always live nearby as we stretch our own wings, settle in new places and start families of our own. So, if you’re in the same boat as us with a mother who lives far away, keep reading, friend, as we share a […]

How to Celebrate Mom When She Lives Far Away

Sometimes, despite all your best intentions, hosting sneaks up on you. Schedules change, get busy, and shift constantly, and therefore, you might find yourself inviting people into your home this Easter with absolutely zero planning. Are you hosting a last-minute Easter brunch this weekend? No worries! We’ve got you covered with exactly what you need […]

How to Host a Last-Minute Easter Brunch in Your Home

It’s probably no secret we do a lot of at-home hosting. We believe this is where the most organic of gatherings can take place and where there’s no end-time to connecting through good conversation. So, over the years, we’ve developed a sort of “ultimate list” of birthday party essentials we always have on hand when […]

At-Home Birthday Party Essentials We Use Every Time

When it comes to hosting families, it can be a challenge to find options that are appealing to adult and child alike. Although all kids are unique, it’s hard to deny that they can be generally pickier than adults when it comes to food preferences — and that can be stressful for a hostess! Before […]

5 Kid-Friendly Food Ideas When Hosting Families

A lot comes to mind when we think of the word etiquette. Saying please and thank you. Keeping elbows off the table. Sending thank you cards. But when we think of Emily Post’s book, Etiquette, written in 1922, etiquette’s also been known to be stuck in times past. Outdated rules that have been followed by […]

Invitation Etiquette: Which Rules Can You Ditch?

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