Emily Ley announced 2020-2021 Simplified Planner covers last week, and we’re so excited for launch day TOMORROW! We thought it would be fun to share why we love Simplified Planners and the ultimate 2020-2021 Simplified Planner Shopping Guide for those having a hard time deciding what to buy! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This […]

The Ultimate 2020-2021 Simplified Planner Guide

Recently, we shared how 2020 is the year of Clarity for us and our business. After many years of feeling pulled into new directions, closing chapters, opening new doors, and being still in a season of waiting and growth (hello, new babies!), we feel this is THE year we can finally hone in on our […]

PowerSheets: February 2020 Goals

Every year, we come together to select our word of the year for our business. We started this practice many years ago personally, and after witnessing how it helped in our personal lives, we decided it only made sense to do the same for our business. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means we […]

Word of the Year: The Year of Clarity

Growing up, I can remember loading in our Dad’s Ford pickup truck every morning to head to school. We’d climb the tall outside steps of the vehicle and plop down on the leather seats while waiting for the diesel light to turn on so he could start the engine. Most mornings were spent listening to […]

Ford & Women on The Rise Orlando

2019 Ford Expedition in front of Luxmore Grande Estate in Winter Springs, FL

As 2018 was coming to an end, I found myself scrambling to understand where the time had gone. Did I accomplish what I set out to do for the year? Did I spend my time the way I intended? It was hard to say exactly if I accomplished what I intended because quite frankly, I […]

Shannon’s Word of the Year | 2019

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