We’re four weeks before Thanksgiving and it’s when we’re feeling our most creative! About four weeks out from the big day, we start to think about the kind of Thanksgiving we want to have. How do we picture gathering together? Large crowd or small group? Will food be passed around the table or do we […]

Four Weeks before Thanksgiving: What to Do

Four weeks before Thanksgiving: We're sending invites and choosing a dining style

A goal of ours this year is to be more intentional about the way we spend quality time with our immediate families. We value connection with those who live outside the four walls of our homes but when we dig deep into the greater purpose of hosting others, we find it begins at home and […]

Buffalo Chicken & Waffle Melt

Last year was the first year I completed a room all at once. For so long, I bought into the lie that a yellow Target sticker meant I needed to own it which ultimate left me with a collection of mismatched home decor that left me feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. When we purchased our home […]

Jenna’s Transitional Dining Room Design Board

Jenna's Transitional Dining Room Design Board

We’re not sure when she started it, but as far back as we can remember, Mimi has been hosting her Annual Women’s Christmas Party. We started attending long before we could afford a gift for her White Elephant Gift Exchange (Mimi always got a gift for each of us on our behalf), or had our […]

Easy Holiday Appetizers

gold rim glass plate full of assorted christmas cookies

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