As September comes to a close, we’ve got our final #BackToTheTable Challenge to help add variety to your mealtime plans: outdoor dining! Whether your preferred outdoor dining involves a blanket on the grass or enjoying a meal on your patio, we’re breathing in the fresh air and cherishing time together. What’s the Back to the […]

Back to the Table Challenge: Outdoor Dining

It’s time for our third #BackToTheTable challenge in honor of National Family Meals Month. This week, Shannon is sharing the creative way she and her family worked to create a themed meal and learned a little along the way. Let’s get right into how you can Travel the World (Through Dinner)! What’s the Back to […]

Back to the Table Challenge: Travel the World (Through Dinner)

In addition to our #BackToTheTable challenges this month, we’re also giving some tips on ways to rethink and rework the time we spend around the table. Today we’re talking about ways to get your family involved with meals. What’s the Back to the Table Challenge? To encourage The Busy Bee community to get creative with […]

Get Your Family Involved with Meals

September is in full swing and so is National Family Meals Month. We love what you’ve been sharing with us on social media for our #BackToTheTable challenge! This week, we’re sharing our ideas for a Kitchen Table Alternatives: getting creative and ditching your usual dining table in favor of a fun, memorable meal somewhere else […]

Back to the Table Challenge: Kitchen Table Alternatives

September is National Family Meals Month, and we couldn’t be more excited! Gathering our families, filling each others’ cups, and prioritizing togetherness over perfection is at the heart of everything we do at The Busy Bee. In honor of National Family Meals Month, we’re sharing fun ideas to do with your family to get #BackToTheTable. […]

Back to the Table Challenge: High/Low Dinner

Jenna's family is gathered for a High/Low dinner

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